Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cutting and Pasting

The studio  has been cleaned and rearranged for maximum
creative output. I hope. It sure looks better and I can walk
around without getting bruised by something. More shelves
are up and it's easier to access all my collections (junk).
Pictures will be posted when it looks like I want it to look.
I did make great curtains out of old linens that I love.

My painting style is changing and making me uncomfortable.
I don't even want to talk about that until I can figure out where
 me, my paintbrushes, gel mediums and graphite are going.
Right now the combination just makes me unhappy.

The junk collections never fail to inspire me. I got a pile of new
frames from the ever-inventive Philip. They begged to
have some paper and pictures laid down on them to tell a story.
The stories pour out with no fuss. I love how they
pass thru me onto the surface.

This is " All You Need Is Love" - above and detail below.
 A yummy vintage lime green bookcover, map,
 printer's type and a picture to warm or break your heart.
 Not sure.

I'm signed up for two workshops this week. I am
so excited. I've wanted to learn about encaustic for
years. And a Golden Artists Colors Workshop on
using their different mediums. This will either open
the gates of painting again or make me crazy.
I'll let you know.
At the very least, I think the workshops will be perfect
for some inspiring Instagram moments.