Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Folk Fest was just the best. Great and interested buyers, wonderful inspiring art and great friendly artists. Can't say enough about it. Check out this blog post about us at - very nice mention.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Folk Artists - Start your engines.

Four more days before I can set up for Folk Fest 2010. I am curiously peaceful/not stressed about it. Just excited. I am happy with the work I've created and look forward to the feedback about the new stuff. I always learn a lot.

Can't wait to see my art peeps. It's like Old Home Week at Folk Fest. Artists and galleries and friends. Strangers/collectors ready to become friends.

And then there's the inspiration that Folk Fest always provide. I have a paper mache chicken head hanging in my kitchen. I bought it at FF 4 years ago from a young man from Texas. His cousin Bubba, age 14, made the chicken heads. There were dozens of them in the booth, big and small. I wanted them all. Every time I look at my chicken head I think of that kid in Texas. Most likely he wasn't part of the cool crowd. Making chicken heads because he needed to make them. I can relate to Bubba. You've just gotta do it and you feel so good when you do.