Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Decatur Arts Festival

Both of these collage pieces sold this weekend at the Decatur Arts Festival.
Despite the 90+++ degree heat, it was a great show. I got to meet lots of
interesting folks and see old art friends. The image below is a 40th anniversary present for someone's parents who are 70. They must be pretty hip. I love knowing who is going to live with my art. 99% of the time I think the art and the buyer are a perfect match.

This jpeg is a detail of the collage that I titled " The Proposal".
It was gratifying to sell a bunch of the collages. They're a little quirky but
Decatur gets quirky. I love doing collage. It's even better to know that
I can SELL collage. I'll be setting up shop at the Virginia Highlands Summerfest
on Friday. Another very hot weekend to come. Looking forward to the fun. It's a
great show in one of my favorite Atlanta neighborhoods.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Back on the Road Again

Leaving on Friday for Chattanooga and Who Fest. This is my first time at this show and I am excited about being there. Never been to Chattanooga and I hope I get some free time to explore the city a little. The show is set up in a waterfront park - how could it be bad?

I am so ready to get on the road! I missed the Gasparilla show when I got sick the day I had to leave. So the art is still packed up, the tent is at the ready - I just have to pack my clothes and sunscreen.

So much art to show - for the first time I'm not worried that I don't have enough work for a show. Finally, I have too much. I can't wait to get some feedback on the new collage work and my beloved tarpaper art. There is nothing like getting out of the studio and my comfort zone. Hanging the art outdoors and waiting for buyers to show up is what it's all about.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Possibilities

 I have a new obsession. Thank God. I was feeling very stuck in my painting. Thus, many collages were produced. (Not that that's a bad thing...) Collage was much less confrontational than the painting. And I love the images that were created.

Then came the Golden Workshop with it's brain-bursting curriculum of possibilities. They even sent me home with a goody bag full of product I never would have bought.

The instructor spoke of how the gel mediums can act as
protective barriers. I still had a roll of roofing paper collecting
dust and cat hair in the studio. I wondered what would happen if I sealed the tar paper with the gel medium. It was awesome. I got a textured surface to paint on without losing the rough canvas-like surface of the paper.  Oh, my goodness. You can scratch into it. You can sandpaper it.
You can cover mistakes in a heartbeat. I am in love.

This is my first painting - "This Is Your Brain on Art".
It makes me so happy to look at. It's everything I was trying for - on wood or board.
 Looser, more nuanced color and a sense of whimsy.
The image at the top is the last one I finished. Love it.

And now the challenge is presentation. I cannot figure out how they look best.
 Nailed onto painted plywood panels?
In a frame, mounted on matboard with a plexi cover?

Presentation has never been an issue for me and right now that's what I'm wrestling with.
I will figure it out.
Maybe an online contest for best look would be a
good idea.

Right now I am just in love with roofing paper and it's possibilities.