Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Possibilities

 I have a new obsession. Thank God. I was feeling very stuck in my painting. Thus, many collages were produced. (Not that that's a bad thing...) Collage was much less confrontational than the painting. And I love the images that were created.

Then came the Golden Workshop with it's brain-bursting curriculum of possibilities. They even sent me home with a goody bag full of product I never would have bought.

The instructor spoke of how the gel mediums can act as
protective barriers. I still had a roll of roofing paper collecting
dust and cat hair in the studio. I wondered what would happen if I sealed the tar paper with the gel medium. It was awesome. I got a textured surface to paint on without losing the rough canvas-like surface of the paper.  Oh, my goodness. You can scratch into it. You can sandpaper it.
You can cover mistakes in a heartbeat. I am in love.

This is my first painting - "This Is Your Brain on Art".
It makes me so happy to look at. It's everything I was trying for - on wood or board.
 Looser, more nuanced color and a sense of whimsy.
The image at the top is the last one I finished. Love it.

And now the challenge is presentation. I cannot figure out how they look best.
 Nailed onto painted plywood panels?
In a frame, mounted on matboard with a plexi cover?

Presentation has never been an issue for me and right now that's what I'm wrestling with.
I will figure it out.
Maybe an online contest for best look would be a
good idea.

Right now I am just in love with roofing paper and it's possibilities.

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