Monday, December 10, 2012

Moving On

This is the last post on this blog location. It's a long and boring story.
Before I became so tech savvy (not), my sweet daughter created this
blog for me. Now that I can (barely) figure it out for myself, I need to
have my own big girl blog
So I will be shutting this one down.
Same stuff. Different location.
Thanks for reading my ramblings and come on over to the
new location!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Iris Apfel and Being Yourself

I keep seeing Iris Apfel here and there in the media.
She is definitely worthy of the coverage.
I think she's in her late eighties or early nineties.
Still out there, being relevant.

I remember seeing her at the NY Gift Show a few years ago.
Our booth was on the Pier.
( I loved being able to walk to the far side of the building
and seeing the aircraft carrier, Intrepid, out the window.)

The Intrepid is huge and awe inspiring.
Kind of like Iris, but she's not huge.

Back to the Gift Show. 
Iris and her husband stopped at the booth across from us.
Chris sells one of a kind vintage Suzani rugs. Anthropologie, ABC
Home and Jonathan Adler vie for her time and rugs.
Iris strolled by, stopped to inspect the goods and decided
she wanted one particular Suzani.
She wanted to have it made into a shawl.

I love love that kind of thinking outside of the box. Taking the joy in her
individuality and style. We tend to choose the safety of Pottery Barn decor
and Gap dressing. It all matches and you don't have to think much.
Your friends will approve because they've seen it before
and it's safely acceptable.

The same is true of art and painting. It's easy and profitable to paint images
 that we see everywhere. Put a bird on it, as Carrie and Fred say.
The true self expression is in finding your own "Suzani".
Taking an idea that charms and appeals to you and running free with it.
It takes courage.

Iris Apfel has had her own show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's
Fashion Institute.Pretty cool.
That kind of individual style inspires me to try
and follow my own path and passion.

Think about it.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Catching Up

It's been a busy summer and fall. We just got back from the most awesome cross country vacation. We drove thru 15 states and clocked 4000 miles. Visiting the National Parks was just the best kind of getaway. Arches, Zion and the Grand Canyon. The frosting on the cake was a day in Santa Fe and a visit to the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. Now we're back home and happy to be here.
I love what I do, I love my house and home. I'm very blessed.
Getting space and time out of the studio always provides new perspectives. I am not painting
canyons and mesas. But I have lots of ideas I want to try that popped into my head while on
the road. I have to say, nothing feels more luxurious than being the passenger on a long ride.
I get to read and nap and sketch. Sometimes, I knit. It's the little things, right?
 Saturday and Sunday I'll be at the Norcross Festival in downtown Historic Norcross, GA.
It's a great family show - you can check it out at

Larry and Lady Bird

Larry Bird and his best bud, Lady Bird came to
 life last week in the studio. Larry is on the right.
He's a boy. Of course, he's taller
Birds keep showing up in my work. More and more
birdies. Different shapes and sizes. I'm not sure why
I am so enamored of them right now. I do know that I like
 how I can divide up their bodies into any kind of design and paint them
in fanciful colors .Most of the time they can fit into blank spaces
 on the canvas and create color and movement.
 Lord knows, I abhor a vacuum.
Also, they remind me of Fred and Carrie in Portlandia, putting a bird on it.
I used my complete supply of vintage yardsticks to
make the frames. I love them. I find standard frames
 plain and boring and lacking in creativity. The
un-standard frames I favor just have so much more character.
 Larry and Lady will be on display
at the Country Living Fair  in Atlanta next weekend -
October 25, 27 and 28 at Stone Mountain Park
in Stone Mountain, GA. This is the most fun and
inspiring show I do each year. No disrespect to
the other great shows I do. I love each
of them. ( Otherwise I would not expend the sweat,
lack of sleep and energy that it takes to set up and sell
 my wares at each and every one. )
It's just that Country Living has it all. It's like the magazine
has come to life and you can talk to and buy from the
lovely glossy pages. I know. It sounds a little weird.
But it's true. This year they have pre-sold tickets to the
show in 42 states. Yes. That's 42 states. Women fly
and drive into Atlanta from all over the country. They
know why they want to get there and see it. The energy
created between the buyers and the creative vendors
is the best. One big happy family. If you can make it,
come on out and see us. You can check out the show
 Larry and Lady Bird will be happy to see  you.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What We Pay Forward

I've been in the studio a lot for the past two weeks.
"Stitch" is a new collage/mixed media piece that I
just finished. It's a tribute to the way life used
to be. Thrifty and practical were traits to be proud of.

My Mom had them in spades. She was a child of the
Great Depression. My Grandfather was a plumber back
then and he always had work and income. Her family lived in 
Gloria Swanson's  house in those days. A family of seven
 and they used  half the house.
 I loved the stories of those days when I was little. 
 The lessons of that era were ingrained in my mother.
 We remade and recycled and saved. It was a virtue.

Most of my dresses were made at the sewing machine.
We'd go to the local five and dime ( a non-existent
retail concept now...) and pick out a pattern and
fabric. At home she'd clear the dining room
table and lay out the fabric, pin the pattern and
cut the odd shaped pieces out. The sewing machine
would be set up and a pretty new dress
emerged from the presser foot.

I don't think this tradition will see a revival
any time in the near future. I want to honor
my Mother and those rituals that are gone.
Many of the needlework projects that she
made for her family are still being used and loved.
She lives on through these things. Her legacy
is honored this way.

Midsummer Thoughts

It's been a busy Spring and Summer here. As it is for everyone - I tend to get
lost in the details and lose my overall focus - making sure I keep a presence
in cyberspace. I've felt like being quiet which is definitely bad marketing.

These months have been bountiful. Four grandchildren marked another birthday.
On Friday we welcomed our seventh - a beautiful little boy, Matteo David. He's
healthy and doing great. And I love that name. As our 7 year old grand Ella says -
" His name is Italy-ish." Italy-ish fits right into a family whose ancestors carried
the names Antonucci and Arcidiacono.

Tomorrow I leave for our annual family reunion/celebration. I feel so blessed.
I have work that I love and a happy healthy family that wants to be together
whenever we can. After the tragedy in Colorado I am more grateful than
ever for my ordinary life and all it's blessings. Grateful for my little wings
 that work hard to keep me aloft.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Decatur Arts Festival

Both of these collage pieces sold this weekend at the Decatur Arts Festival.
Despite the 90+++ degree heat, it was a great show. I got to meet lots of
interesting folks and see old art friends. The image below is a 40th anniversary present for someone's parents who are 70. They must be pretty hip. I love knowing who is going to live with my art. 99% of the time I think the art and the buyer are a perfect match.

This jpeg is a detail of the collage that I titled " The Proposal".
It was gratifying to sell a bunch of the collages. They're a little quirky but
Decatur gets quirky. I love doing collage. It's even better to know that
I can SELL collage. I'll be setting up shop at the Virginia Highlands Summerfest
on Friday. Another very hot weekend to come. Looking forward to the fun. It's a
great show in one of my favorite Atlanta neighborhoods.