Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Midsummer Thoughts

It's been a busy Spring and Summer here. As it is for everyone - I tend to get
lost in the details and lose my overall focus - making sure I keep a presence
in cyberspace. I've felt like being quiet which is definitely bad marketing.

These months have been bountiful. Four grandchildren marked another birthday.
On Friday we welcomed our seventh - a beautiful little boy, Matteo David. He's
healthy and doing great. And I love that name. As our 7 year old grand Ella says -
" His name is Italy-ish." Italy-ish fits right into a family whose ancestors carried
the names Antonucci and Arcidiacono.

Tomorrow I leave for our annual family reunion/celebration. I feel so blessed.
I have work that I love and a happy healthy family that wants to be together
whenever we can. After the tragedy in Colorado I am more grateful than
ever for my ordinary life and all it's blessings. Grateful for my little wings
 that work hard to keep me aloft.

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