Sunday, October 21, 2012

Larry and Lady Bird

Larry Bird and his best bud, Lady Bird came to
 life last week in the studio. Larry is on the right.
He's a boy. Of course, he's taller
Birds keep showing up in my work. More and more
birdies. Different shapes and sizes. I'm not sure why
I am so enamored of them right now. I do know that I like
 how I can divide up their bodies into any kind of design and paint them
in fanciful colors .Most of the time they can fit into blank spaces
 on the canvas and create color and movement.
 Lord knows, I abhor a vacuum.
Also, they remind me of Fred and Carrie in Portlandia, putting a bird on it.
I used my complete supply of vintage yardsticks to
make the frames. I love them. I find standard frames
 plain and boring and lacking in creativity. The
un-standard frames I favor just have so much more character.
 Larry and Lady will be on display
at the Country Living Fair  in Atlanta next weekend -
October 25, 27 and 28 at Stone Mountain Park
in Stone Mountain, GA. This is the most fun and
inspiring show I do each year. No disrespect to
the other great shows I do. I love each
of them. ( Otherwise I would not expend the sweat,
lack of sleep and energy that it takes to set up and sell
 my wares at each and every one. )
It's just that Country Living has it all. It's like the magazine
has come to life and you can talk to and buy from the
lovely glossy pages. I know. It sounds a little weird.
But it's true. This year they have pre-sold tickets to the
show in 42 states. Yes. That's 42 states. Women fly
and drive into Atlanta from all over the country. They
know why they want to get there and see it. The energy
created between the buyers and the creative vendors
is the best. One big happy family. If you can make it,
come on out and see us. You can check out the show
 Larry and Lady Bird will be happy to see  you.

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  1. Hi Kathleen. I have become your biggest fan. Finally found time to check out your web page. I was at the country Living Show with my sisters- we were the ones who laughed out loud and LOVED your work and told you that you were the best one at the show (I'm the one who asked you about drawing bulldogs, but I totally loved your response about loving dogs for dogs and not for being a specific breed).. I bought two of your prints and can hardly wait to give them to the people I bought them for.
    Please keep up the great work!!! Hope to see you again- I will be buying more from you on your webpage. I am also gonna friend you on facebook- maybe you will have time to check out the pics of my pups. :)
    Judy Rawlins
    Thomson, GA