Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Back on the Road Again

Leaving on Friday for Chattanooga and Who Fest. This is my first time at this show and I am excited about being there. Never been to Chattanooga and I hope I get some free time to explore the city a little. The show is set up in a waterfront park - how could it be bad?

I am so ready to get on the road! I missed the Gasparilla show when I got sick the day I had to leave. So the art is still packed up, the tent is at the ready - I just have to pack my clothes and sunscreen.

So much art to show - for the first time I'm not worried that I don't have enough work for a show. Finally, I have too much. I can't wait to get some feedback on the new collage work and my beloved tarpaper art. There is nothing like getting out of the studio and my comfort zone. Hanging the art outdoors and waiting for buyers to show up is what it's all about.

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