Sunday, August 15, 2010

Folk Artists - Start your engines.

Four more days before I can set up for Folk Fest 2010. I am curiously peaceful/not stressed about it. Just excited. I am happy with the work I've created and look forward to the feedback about the new stuff. I always learn a lot.

Can't wait to see my art peeps. It's like Old Home Week at Folk Fest. Artists and galleries and friends. Strangers/collectors ready to become friends.

And then there's the inspiration that Folk Fest always provide. I have a paper mache chicken head hanging in my kitchen. I bought it at FF 4 years ago from a young man from Texas. His cousin Bubba, age 14, made the chicken heads. There were dozens of them in the booth, big and small. I wanted them all. Every time I look at my chicken head I think of that kid in Texas. Most likely he wasn't part of the cool crowd. Making chicken heads because he needed to make them. I can relate to Bubba. You've just gotta do it and you feel so good when you do.

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