Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Working B-I-G !

I feel like I've got it now! Painting on bigger surfaces is
not an insurmountable challenge.

The first big painting was a real struggle. Hated it -
 maybe not hate, but definitely not loving the finished work.
 I carted it to my local gallery. It was in the
gallery for less than a week when a couple came in and fell in love.
 I'd like to say they bought it and happily took it home.
 But really, they loved it, went home, measured for it and then
called the gallery and made a very lowball offer. It's not a garage
sale, folks..... So it's still in it's gallery home.

Determined to try it again, I got another panel out and
started a new one. This went so quickly and easily that
I am now a B-I-G painting convert. This is my latest -
titled "The Rescuer" in homage to all the good people
who take time to find homes for homeless animals.
She is 30 x 40 on a wrapped gallery canvas.

Here she is. I am happy with the finished work.
Whoa... something must be wrong. I'm never satisfied.
I'll wait and see if I'm still in love with her in the morning.

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