Thursday, December 10, 2009

Loving the Open House

My very first Kathleen Taylor Studio Open House was a wonderful holiday experience. Not because we made so much money and sold so much art. Because we had two days of sharing and learning and laughing. My friend, Sandy Erickson Wright, loaded up her SUV with gorgeous cow and pear and Sandy art. My new friend, Bailey Jack,packed her mini-van with her amazing whimsical art and drove to my house from Cartersville, GA. Not close to my house, I'm just sayin'.

Once all the art was hung and arranged we had an irresistible holiday art show. Friends, family, kids, local artists and strangers came and bought and chatted. I loved every minute.

The very best part was spending hours with my artist friends. We talked nonstop for 2 days. Sharing techniques, challenges, issues and hardships. Laughed and connected. We agreed that no matter how difficult it is to make a living as an artist, we felt blessed to be able to do so. The best part of what I do is the human connection. The folks who tear up when they see "All Dogs Go to Heaven" because they just lost a beloved pet. The retailers who relate stories to me about customers who were touched by my painting. It is an unexpected bonus to the gift of being able to paint every day. Lucky me.

I am posting the line drawing I did for my new website that will never see the light of day due to tiling and templates and number of pixels.... I liked it so I am sharing. Happy Holidays!!

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