Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I'm almost to the finish line for the Gift Show. Now if I can just do a snow dance that will keep it from snowing in Atlanta Thursday night. It never ever snows and sticks to the ground here. Never. But the night before the Show opens the prediction is for 1 - 2" of snow that's not going to melt immediately. We had rain dances and rain prayer vigils during the drought. I may be the only Atlantan praying for the snow to move to another city.

About the pictures posted: I used roofing paper/tar paper for the floor in my booth. It's cheap, sturdy and in keeping with my black and white theme. It looked too plain after I taped it down, so I took a white paint pen to it. Drawing on it was the most fun part of setting up. I'll post pictures of the finished space as soon as I can.

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