Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ready for the Sunshine!

Whew! It was quite a busy day at the Cottage. Artists arriving between raindrops and setting up their wares. I love the energy and exchange of ideas/creativity that happens. I would be perfectly content if we all just sat around and examined each other's work and talked about our processes. Geek. Art geek?

To add to the excitement of set-up day, my amazing #2 daughter and the babies showed up to help out. Ella drew pictures to sell and Alice taught herself to climb the stairs. Up and down. According to Ella, Mimi's house is "fantastic".

A special thanks to the talented Bailey Jack, for generously donating her art to a fundraiser for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. #2 daughter is one of her biggest fans. Don't know if that donated painting will make it to the auction...

Can't wait for tomorrow - it promises to be a perfect spring day. Combine the weather and the inspiring art to make for a memorable experience. Please join us!

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  1. I love that Bailey Jack art! And, I am a pretty big fan of Kathleen Taylor, too. :)