Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Following the Yellow Brick Road

I have been on the yellow/cadmium/crimson/titanium white brick road of late. And like Dorothy, I am so hypnotized by the path.

I feel a little guilty when I paint. I sit here and play with colors and ideas and images and sell the finished painting.
C'mon - are you sure?
Yep, it's true.
Eventually each image will find a home. A home with someone who really loves it. What a great way to make a living. I know it's more secure being an accountant or a teacher. (I have a degree in Elementary Ed - and teachers have some sweet benefits!)

Artists have no idea from month to month what their "salary" will be. But the benefits are so satisfying. I don't know if other folks who have a dream and get to follow it feel the same way. Being an artist is kind of a touchy/feely concept. There are no "Idiot's Guide to Being A Working Artist" - at least I don't think so. It's a feel your way kind of profession.

Thanks be for all the generous men and women I've been privileged to know along the way. They share their resources, techniques and wisdom with great heart and generosity. Did I mention that I feel so blessed and lucky to finally just be able to paint?

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  1. i love your whimsical art Kathleen....wish i could see it up close and personal - i live in Canada!

    Love, violette