Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Tonys and Techniques

It's Tony Awards night and as a relocated New Yorker I love to watch them. Right now someone is singing Jerry Lee Lewis songs and pretending to be him. When we moved to Atlanta in 1996, Jerry Lee's child bride, Myra, was our realtor. She was a smart and wise woman, remarried and still very protective of Jerry Lee. So much for the media portrayal. Myra was an inspiration.

I love the creativity and talent of Broadway. Off off Broadway was more my thing. I was always inspired by the tiny 12 seat theaters that were 3 flights up, offering a production put together with hope and scotch tape. My passion for Glee springs from my old love affair with New York theater.

Creativity takes so many forms. 2D, 3D, mixed media, song, dance, the written word. I am forever grateful for my ability to get it all out with a pencil and paint brush. Now that I'm painting every day I feel like Alice down the rabbit hole - so many options and choices. Drink me. One pill makes you larger, one pill makes you small.... ( maybe that's Grace Slick? )

Today I painted with colors that weren't true to the subject matter (!!!) and without pencil lines. This orphan child is sitting on the hutch behind me. I keep looking at it, shocked that it came from my brushes. I have no idea if I will take it further and have two styles ( more !!!) or it will forever just sit there waiting to be adopted. This is the gift of painting every day and having time to think about it. A lovely intriguing gift.

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