Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunnyside Up

Watching the Grammys.

Fascinated by Lady Gaga.

What drives a person that way?

Incredibly talented. She seems incapable of taking a breath. Or a vacation.
Having a regular day. A sweatpants kind of day. No meat dresses.

If I had that kind of drive/focus, would I sell more paintings?

I'm not sure I would want that level of success.
I am sure I wouldn't want to pay the price for it.

We all make choices along the way.
I chose family, children and home a long time ago.
Painting and creating were a fortunate discovery that popped up in mid-life.

The ability to paint and draw has been a blessing and a salve in good times and bad.
Maybe that's the difference between me and Miss Gaga. ( As if there are any grounds for comparision...:) )

My creative blessings weren't my only focus.
I chose what was most important and grounding for me early on.
I needed the balance.

Art was the frosting on the cake.

I wouldn't change a thing.

Not even for an egg vehicle or a meat dress.


  1. Great comments. Think I'm in the same boat... with the exception of your studio...yours is great!

  2. Hi Kathleen, I watched Lady Gaga, too and those pointy things on her shoulders that looked like they were under her skin made me feel uncomfortable! By the way, I love "We are Family" painting! The expressions are priceless.