Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Anatomy of a painting

I have been working on a new style of painting for a while now. My background is in precise illustration. Extra points for being able to draw 10 circles in a row that are the exact same size....

That "tight hand" has carried over into my painting. I would like my images to be free and loose and full of fantasy. It's been many many years since I drew like an illustrator.I don't think I will ever lose that element in my work.
But, boy, have I tried.

My friend, Bailey Jack/artist extraordinaire/ taught me her system: black ground and chalk outlines.It's just an awesome way to paint and has loosened my tight, cramped little hands enormously. I don't know where this path is leading. And that's fine.
I love the new work and how it enables me to focus on shape and color instead of pencil lines.
The images are bolder and looser and BIGGER! I have struggled with making big paintings for so long.

I just finished "Paradisio".
It's 2.5' x 4' - gigantic for me.
So I took pictures of the process.
I thought it would be interesting to see how it took shape.
I have a lot of sketches of this tree in my books.
I try and sketch/doodle every night.Lately it's been birds and trees.

The original drawing was edited a couple of times. Balancing the color was a challenge.
I love the final painting.It's now at Galerie Matilda on Canton Street in Roswell, awaiting the grand opening. And, of course, I downloaded the jpegs in reverse order so you see the final painting first. Of course.

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