Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Itchy Fingers

I have painted my fingers off this last year.
 My first love.
I am surrounded by my stuff as I paint.
 Walls of stuff.
Years of collections. Stuff I could not resist.
It's been calling my name.

I rearranged the studio into different work stations.
A jewelry area
a collage area
a salvage junk work space.

It's so cool.
And just as messy as before.
Why can't I create and clean up at the same time?

I am now a more diverse artist.

I move among the stations and voila - different art appears.
I  make jewelry.
Funky upcycled photo/recipe card holders.
And magical little villages from scraps and crumbs of
other eras and lives.

Working in different mediums gets me very energized
in a creative way.
Can't resist going back into the studio at night to look at everything.
It's a good feeling.

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