Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pretty Is As Pretty Does

I decided to take my words to paper. Out of the pictures. Just the words.
Plus I love playing with calligraphy and alphabets and making up my own fonts.
This observation began with my granddaughters. I have three beautiful and talented ones.
No bias here....
There is so much noise in the media today - even media that 6 year olds are exposed to - that screams how important "pretty" is.
I hope that they learn that their value is in who they are, not how they look.
I sold many of these at the Country Living Fair.
My favorite buyer was a nice grandfather who was buying it for his 12 year old granddaughter.
He was concerned that she was already too focused on clothes and appearance.
I hope it helps. It can't hurt, right?
When I finished the drawing, I noticed that the final art was sitting on the sketchbook that generated the original idea.
From start to finish.

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