Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chicken Dreams

Every time I paint " I'd like to quit my job and raise chickens" - I sell it within the first few hours of the show.

Someone always connects with the idea or has a friend who voices that wish for a different life.

Personally, I love the fantasy of a beautiful and funky chicken coop in my backyard. Eating fresh eggs from your own hens is supposed to be an out of this world culinary event. (I have high cholesterol so I couldn't eat them. Just sayin'.)

Plus there's the part where, for whatever reason, I might have to actually pick up a chicken. I imagine it would be flailing about with it's pointy/dangerous beak. Maybe they don't flail. I wouldn't know. I grew up way too close to NYC.
However, I totally appreciate the idea of an escape fantasy. We all should have one.

It's the dream of where you'll go when life gets too tough or raw or sad.

Mine usually includes a bucolic farmhouse and acreage.

Enough land for all of my family to build a homestead if they want

Just not too sure about those chickens.

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