Sunday, March 18, 2012

I believe that artists are extremely susceptible to new toys and media.
For sure this artist is.
Not the information kind of media - the kind that you can play with.
Gel medium, modelling paste,glazes and some awesome soft squishy stuff
that can substitute for a hard linoleum block. I found these neat
rectangles at my favorite place to browse - Dick Blick.
 ( How lucky am I to have a Dick Blick in my town?)
 I know they must have a name but I don't know it.
 They're gray, pliable and only $1.69 for a 4" x 6".

I love the look of block printing - the primitive and handmade
qualities. I tried carving a couple of traditional blocks. My hand hurt
and they didn't print very well. These gray babies are easy, fast
and print like a dream.

I've started with words. That's where I always start - whatever the
project. I have 6 images that I'll be posting on Etsy. This was my first
one. It's for Ella, who fervently believes in the existence of fairies.

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